Dear Friends,

In one way or another you have supported Top Banana's work over the past 33 years and we are enormously grateful. Without your help, we wouldn't have been able to deliver groceries to thousands of area seniors and others with limited mobility throughout the community.

That's what makes this notice so hard today:  We are writing to let you know that Top Banana has made the difficult decision to close our doors.

The economic climate has forced changes and narrowed options for suppliers and others we rely on behind the scenes, making continued operations unsustainable. This decision to close was made after many difficult hours deliberating with our Board of Directors. We've informed our customers that we will make our final deliveries the week of Monday, September 28th through Friday, October 2nd.

We are letting you know both to thank you for your past support, and to alert you that you may be getting more calls from community members seeking assistance. While commercial services may be available in some areas, we are particularly concerned for our customers who

  • are in areas not served by commercial services
  • do not use computers for online ordering
  • have vision problems and need assistance placing an order (someone to read their product choices to them so they can add or delete items)
  • have intellectual disabilities and need help placing an order
  • pay with EBT cards (commercial services do not accept food stamps or allow pre-paid retainer accounts)
  • are in wheelchairs or are bedridden and need to have their groceries put away
  • are frail and need help opening jars or having a light bulb or smoke detector battery changed

These are all services Top Banana provides. We are concerned about the gap in assistance that will be left by Top Banana's closure and wanted to bring these needs to light as you support your own customers, friends, and neighbors. As we all know—often from personal experience with our own family members—the need for services that help seniors remain independent in their homes is great and only growing.

We wish you the greatest possible success with your own continued missions, and thank you most sincerely for your support of Top Banana and our customers.

Jean Guiffré
and everyone here at Top Banana
301-372-3663 (FOOD)